Our Story


Here in Seattle many good things happen over a fine cup of coffee, and the creation of Muses was no exception...

Back in early 2012, we (Sandrine and Esther) met for the first time at Vivace in Capitol Hill.

We connected over a shared passion...

Amongst the sounds of espresso machines and chatter we shared our experiences working with the refugee communities in Seattle. We had seen the great skills, experiences, and fierce determination displayed by many of the refugees we met. Yet, they still struggled to find valuable employment due to language barriers, non-transferrable professional certificates, and a lack of knowledge in navigating the US job market. Not only was this adverse for the refugees, it also was for our local economy. We were missing out on a talented workforce.

We thought surely there must be a better way...

We wanted to create ways to better equip low-income immigrant and refugee women with the valuable skills demanded in the market place and then provide pathways for employment. Through research and interviewing, we learned that there was a strong need for local, low volume apparel production amongst designers.

And so Muses was born...

In Greek mythology, the muses were renowned goddesses serving as a source of inspiration to all artists. Likewise, we are embarking on a journey inspired by Seattle's low-income immigrant and refugee women and their stories of extreme trauma, courage, resilience, and hope.

Coming from immigrant backgrounds ourselves, Muses means a lot to us on a personal level. We are incredibly excited and determined to apply our varied skills and experiences towards one common passion.

We hope you join us for this adventure.

Sandrine and Esther

Muses Co-Founders